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All about me...

All about me as a photographer...

Hey! I'm so glad you've found my page! I'm Tia, the lady behind the camera. I am a wedding and branding photographer based in Bedfordshire but I am happy to travel to photograph YOU! I have a first class BA (Hons) degree in photography although this isn't what's made me the type of photographer that I am. It taught me to be disciplined in the technical side of photography, how to edit professionally etc., but it's experience that has made me so confident in what I do. When you're photographing the posed group and couple shots at a wedding, everyone looks to you for direction and I'm happy to give you guidance to make you feel and look amazing. It's fair to say I go into 'photographer-mode', in fact, my family members have been in disbelief when I've photographed them, they say I look like I'm in my element and another side of me comes out. It's true, I'm super confident and love to hype up my subjects!


I also know when to give you and your guests some space and photograph from a distance to get those beautiful documentary style photographsOne of my favourite parts of my job is when my couples come back to view their photographs in the slideshow I have created for them, and they're seeing all of the moments they missed on their day. Moments shared between their guests, the way their mum was looking at them when they said their vows, and their cheeky nieces and nephews boogying the night away. I'm rambling now... but it's only because this is my passion, and I really would love to photograph your wedding!

How I work

It sounds obvious, but I love taking photos that I know my couples will love. Not all couples like the same style or feel to their images, so I work to tailor my photography to you and create something you specifically will love. I will talk in depth with you about what you want whether this be over email, a video call or meeting up in person. I ask how you feel about posed photos, who in your family you are excited to get pictures with, what is important to you on your wedding day and of course I love to hear your love stories! It helps me get to know you both better, enabling me to create your dream wedding pictures.


In short, I want nothing more than for you to be over the moon with your weddings pictures, and there’s not a lot I won’t do to try and make that happen!


If you'd like to get to know me a little better...

Learn how all of this started and what makes me, me!

From the 


I started my photography journey when I was 16. I planned to go to college and study fashion but my course was cancelled due to cut backs! Little did I know how great this would work out for me. It meant I stayed on at 6th form instead to do my A-Levels, my textiles teacher told me that fashion universities also looked for other creative skills on application forms. I can't draw, and I can only just about put together furniture from IKEA, so photography seemed like the best option. I started to enjoy photography much more than I ever thought I would. I still loved fashion, but the decider for me was when I did work experience in a photography studio when I was 17. The owner was so impressed with my attitude and skills that she offered me a permanent job - I was thrilled. I worked there for about a year and a half before I decided to get a degree and follow my own path.


This is my Nathan. He's a creative, like me! Although he does 'have a go' on my camera when we go away he is much more of an artist than a photographer. He paints, draws and loves designing graphics on his laptop. He made my logo (that by the way looks exactly like me!) which I get a lot of compliments on. 

Apart from being my designer, he's also my number one fan. He's encouraged me to dream bigger than I ever would have dared to and he has complete faith in me. His support over the years has been amazing and I appreciate him every day for it.


Charity Work

I have photographed a number of naked charity calendars to raise money for some really important charities. Charities include, Keech Hospice, 'Kid's In Action' and Royal Papworth Hospital. As you can imagine with these types of shoots we always have a good laugh doing them! But it is also a really humbling experience that I am grateful to take part in.

I love to travel

Before I found photography the only type of holiday you'd catch me on would be laying by the pool all day in an all inclusive hotel (don't get me wrong, these are still lovely holidays) but now I'd much rather be exploring with my camera.


I love going on 'photo-holidays' as I call them, visiting countries full of culture and beautiful scenery. I'm lucky that my partner Nathan likes to explore with me, he's a diamond, he never complains even if I want to stop and take my 100th photo of the day, and he carries my heavy equipment bag for me


My favourite adventure was in Iceland, you can see me waiting patiently for the geyser to erupt! And that's Nathan, deep in snow. Our bucket list is extensive, and next on our list is Switzerland!

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